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First British child cryogenically frozen against father wishes

British child who died of cancer has become the first British child to be cryogenically frozen following ruling by High Court judge Mr Justice Peter Jackson

The ground breaking legal battle following her parents, who are separated, disagreement and were pole parts with both strong and valid reasons for their stance.

The mother wanting to complete her daughters dying wish, and her father who was concerned that his daughter might be brought back to life in 100’s of year time with no relatives, not in her home country or mature enough to deal with the experience.

The father finally agreed for his daughter to be cryo-preserved following her written plea to the high court stating that her mother should be the only person to make decision regarding her death.

The judge Mr Justice Peter Jackson said he had made decisions relating to a dispute between parents – not about the rights and wrongs of cryogenic preservation. The case was about the child’s welfare and her wishes had to be taken into account


Inside review by Karl Berry Family Law