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Planning dispute leads to 3 month jail sentence.

A farmer has been issued with a three-month jail sentence for contempt of court. The sentence is suspended pending compliance with the demolition order of his mock Tudor castle that he built hidden for many years.

Robert Fidler from Surrey built his building without planning permission to which the local council ordered it to be knocked down. The farmer appeal was rejected by the government planning inspector and later in the high court and the appeal court.

Mr Justice Dove said that his “intentional defiance” would find him in jail for three months unless he complied. Mr Fidler has been claiming he had not demolished the property as it would be breaking European laws as he has bats and newts within the property grounds. In addition he states that he is no longer the owner of the property.

The four-bedroom house has mentioned in the press as being valued in excess off £1 million, and it will be interesting to know the outcome at the High Court in London.

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