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Sports Injuries and the Law

Not only is the severity of injuries increasing but the frequency with which they are occurring is increasing also. From the 1960s onwards in England there was only one serious spinal injury from rugby every 4 years !

Do incidents like this give the misleading impression that any incident which occurs on the pitch won’t attract civil or criminal liability?

Does a 10 match ban and a fine seemed a small price to pay for perpetrating an assault on somebody?

Very often in sports there are incidents which lawyers must wonder about in a way that others may not. If the same incident had occurred on the street rather than on the pitch nobody would have been surprised if civil or even criminal action was initiated. There are those who regard suing for incidents on the pitch as being inappropriate and unsporting “for a footballer to sue for “negligence” is like a climber suing a mountain”.

The focus of Michelle Liddy’s article published on the PIBULJ, Michelle explores the principles and difficulties in bringing an action for personal injuries sustained in the course of a sports event

The full article can be found on PIBULJ website

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